Answer: Yes. Absolutely.

There have been many famous physicians who were dyslexic, and many today that you might not know who are dyslexic because many don’t identify in the workplace and many more weren’t formally identified.

The typical profile of a dyslexic physician is to have had early troubles in elementary school, then a jump in abilities in middle to high school, and then further jump up in college and medical school.

There are probably several reasons why medicine can be a popular occupation for adult (often gifted) dyslexics. First, it is a complex domain to master that nevertheless also requires an ability to grasp the big picture, make decisions, and execute a plan. Medicine is based on science, which is a strong suit and interest for many dyslexic students. Also, the field of medicine can reward many dyslexic MIND strengths – such as spatial reasoning (think surgeons, radiologists, and cardiologists), interdisciplinary thinking (dermatology, epidemiology, immunology, ICU), narrative reasoning (clinical histories, psychiatry and psychology), and dynamic reasoning (preventative health, sports medicine, rehabilitation).

There are significant challenges facing dyslexic individuals pursuing a career in medicine, but technology is tremendously helpful with paperwork and the field and patients always benefit by men and women who are able to problem solve in the real world and think differently.





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