“To optimize learning, it is more efficient to provide children with dyslexia with extra audio.”

In a recent multimedia learning test of 11 year olds and typically-reading peers, dyslexic students were found to learn most efficiently if they were provided with text + audio or audio only, rather than text-only. How often is this happening over the course of every school day? To smoothly integrate audio in classroom learning and boost a child’s efficiency of learning preparation it’s necessary and audio should already be a friend.


Summer is a great time to introduce audiobooks if your kids haven’t tried them before.

1. START WITH A FAMILIAR BOOK – Start with a familiar book or book series to smooth the entry of audiobooks. It’ll be much easier if your child or you know the characters and the general set-ups of the stories.

2. TRY THE CAR – For some the car is an ideal time for audiobooks….when you’re waiting around for someone, traveling for practices or even going on a family road trip. Some kids and adults may have too much trouble listening over the background noise in the car – so it’s not for everyone, but if that’s the case, then even listening with earbuds (as long as you’re not driving) is still a good option to try.

3. FIND THE RIGHT NARRATOR – A great narrator can really boost the enjoyment and understanding. Many audiobook vendors have ways to try out the narrator before buying and some places like Audible have a “great listen guarantee” which means if you don’t like a purchase or a narrator, you can exchange it for something else or get a refund.

4. STOP READING WHENEVER YOU NEED TO. When starting audiobooks for the first time, don’t worry about taking breaks whenever you need to. If you plan to listen while reading along, try priming the pump by reading the book jacket and introduction to see what the book will be about. Audiobooks can exercise verbal working memory and how much you can take in may vary depending if you’re tired or less focused.

5. LISTEN TO AUDIOBOOKS TOGETHER & CONTINUE READ TOGETHER TIME Listen to audiobooks together and don’t let audiobooks replace treasured read together time. Discuss the events and characters and take turns guessing about what might happen next. If you’re not sure what audiobooks might be good for the whole family, check out some of our picks for top Summer Audiobooks HERE.



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