A career in the military can be difficult enough, but try throwing dyslexia into the mix. Near impossible?

No. Probably just the opposite when it comes to elite special forces like the Green Berets.

Although a teacher once thought to hold him back in the 2nd grade, as an adult, he would be the go-to person to secure at-risk US diplomatic facilities in the Middle East and Africa, and today he connects the dots for defense contractors and businesses.

Taylor told Dyslexic Advantage that he often utilizes the following strengths: situational awarenessteam-building, problem-solving, and effective communication – skills he believes are necessary for great leadership. By working with his dyslexia, he can perform these tasks with perspective, creativity and perseverance.

Check out the short excerpt (above) of Dr. Fernette Eide’s interview with Taylor Beattie. For parents, there is mild “special ops” language used at one point. Hear how a teacher’s discrimination in a graduate school course led him on a path to tell more people about his dyslexia, his discovery in a meeting of active service Green Berets that everyone in the room had either been told that they were dyslexic or had ADD, and his growing understanding of the strengths of a having a different way of thinking.

This blog post was written by Christina Gaebel, intern for Dyslexic Advantage.  Click here for more Dyslexic Advantage Podcasts.

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